Kids on: Families

Me: Guess Who?’s a good game, shall we play?

Child: Do you love this game?

Me: I suppose so, it is very fun

Child: Do you play it with your children?

Me: I don’t have any children, we’ve been over this before.

Child: But then who is your family?


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Adorable gestures: part III

I have just got a little boy into bed, read him a story, tucked him in etc etc when suddenly he says…

Child: I need Tiger.

Me: I’ll go and get him, don’t worry!

Child: No I’ll come with you, in case you get lonely.

*heart melted*

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Kids do: Adorable gestures (Part II)

This evening it snowed and so, naturally, the children I was looking after and I went outside to have a snowball fight. We got very cold and drenched so I suggested they have a hot milk before bed. This lead to the following..

Child 1: Would you like a hot drink?

Me: No thank you, I brushed my teeth before I left!

Child 1: turns to Child 2 Make Ceci a hot drink please, she looks cold. Whispered I think she’s just being polite.


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Kids play: Would you Rather?

I taught a little girl to play ‘Would You Rather?’ a few weeks ago, and it has quickly become her favourite pass time.

Me: Would you rather have teeny tiny hands, or massive huge one metre long ones?

Child: Hhmmmmmm….I think the massive ones, because I could just put them through the washing machine and then they’d be normal sized again.

I couldn’t argue with her logic, it was too cute.

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Kids on: Hair cuts

Child: You look nervous, what’s wrong?

Me: I’m just having my hair cut later, that’s all

Child: Noooooo don’t! Don’t get it cut! Please!

Me: But it’s got loads of split ends, I really need one! I won’t have a lot taken off, I promise.

Child: But I LIKE your hair with split ends, you look PRETTY with them.

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Kids on: Walking

Walking to the beach with 3 year old boy.

Child: I’m tired.

Me: We’ve only been walking a few minutes! We’re nearly there, come on.

Child: I think maybe my leg is broken.

Me: *sigh* Would you like a piggy back?

Child: Yes thanks, that might help. *climbs up* This is much better. Much more what I was expecting from today.

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Kids on: Friendship

Background:Girl has two Friends over for the day, I am looking after all three

Girl: Ceci is my best friend.

Friends: We thought we were your best friends?

Me: No no I’m sure you’re her best friends, I’m more of like a…mate.

Girl: No Ceci. Lying is wrong. They can be my best friends at school, but you’re my best best friend.


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